Adjustable Dumbbells

26 Sep 2016

Dumbbell is a combination of weight and is commonly found at fitness centers and gyms. Dumbbells can be divided into two, regular and adjustable. The regular dumbbell comes with fixed weight and there is no scope for adjustment. Whereas, in the best adjustable dumbbells the weights can be changed. It is available as plate-loaded or selectorized unit. It comes with merits and demerits. You can find more information on resistance training and benefits on
Regular dumbbells explained
There are two types of regular dumbbells available, one is hex and the other is pro style. The hex comes with six sides and hence the name. It starts with 1 pound and moves upt o 100 pounds for every dumbbell. Here, the weight heads are finished with enamel paint of rubber coating. The rubber coating is used to protect the floor from scratches and other damages. A pro also starts with 1 pound but move upto 150 pounds and even more per dumbbell.
Adjustable dumbbells explained
Adjustable dumbbells come in two styles, plate loaded and selectorized dumbbells. The formed is small with a 12 to 15 inch bar supported by end sleeves to accommodate the weight plates. The sturdiness of the bar depends on the weight sleeves and the weight. Selectorized dumbbells include sets of weights in a dumbbell block. The handle is ideally set along with the weighted plates. You can select the desired weight by turning the knob or sliding the weight pin. The weight selected will be pulled out of the block along with the handle. These come with different weights based on the model and brand. It can hold upto 45-100 pounds for a dumbbell.
Advantages of regular dumbbells
Adjustable dumbbells come loose and could lead to injury when compared to regular dumbbells. On a standard dumbbell use weight collars to hold the discs, remember if the collar is loose the discs fall off the bar. Similarly if you do not lock selectorized dumbbell, there are chances the handle detaches from selected weights. In any of the above cases, injury is inevitable. In a regular dumbbell weight can be changed quickly.
Advantages of Adjustable dumbbells
Adjustable dumbbells are space savers as these are ergonomically designed. These dumbbells can be used for a host of exercise by adding different weights. On the contrary regular dumbbells take up a lot of space, especially the six or the eight sets. A selectorized dumbbell block can hold 12 to 16 sets of weights. This is one of the primary reason to choose adjustable dumbbells. It is the most apt for home gyms.
Who wins the race?
When it comes to regular and adjustable dumbbells both have their own pros and cons. When space is a concern adjustable dumbbells are the right choice. But if you can afford the luxury of space, then regular dumbbells are apt, as it comes with varied weights and has the convenience of changing weights among every set. For many the convenience does not precede over cost and space.
While calculating the cost, a pair of 30 pounds dumbbells is definitely cheaper than PowerBlocks. But as you grow the 30 becomes small. Investing in a adjustable dumbbells could be a cost saver in the long run. A 5-50 PowerBlock set can cost you around $350. It is almost the same when it comes to buying 5s, 10s till you build a 50. Therefore, in the end adjustable dumbbells seem to be better in terms of space and cost saving.

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